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Ken Warmington, General Manager

The People Counting Specialists

Our team of people counting experts are the specialists in the measurement, movement of people. Here to empower you, your team and your business, we are passionate about your success. We are leading the way for businesses to generate more from their strategies and budgets through real insight into your spaces and data.

People Counting Solutions Specialists

Providing value, not just data

Abakus Analytics is an Australian owned people counting provider launched in 2018, formed by three leading domain experts with over 30+ combined years of exceptional industry expertise. We wanted to keep innovating, provide useful data and keep a focus on driving actual value for our clients.

Having all been in the people counting space, we recognised there was so much opportunity for growth. Over and over again, we saw businesses be handed volumes of useless data and information that didn’t translate into actionable steps.

Our mission is simple - give our clients a means of collecting data that can drive analytical insights and provide future strategy so that businesses and organisations could use their budgets as effectively as possible. Empowering our clients to optimise their spaces and achieve truly game-changing results, is what we do best.

More than just software

More than just software

Businesses are not simply about the product or service it sells, but largely about the engagement it makes with the people who use those spaces. We develop solutions for businesses and organisations from all industries to see real results and operational growth.

The creation of our people counting system and software has been a real labour of love. With our level of expertise within the people counting space, we are the specialists on the measurement and movement of people. No other people counting solution providers can match our level of expertise and commitment.

Results driven

A results-driven approach

We approach our client solutions the same way we approached developing our software. Each time we set out to create the most accurate and reliable solution of its kind. A solution that delivers valuable data that drives glorious results, without compromising on operations or activities.

Our solutions are based on our clients achieving real targets, revenue growth and return on investments. Our aim is to make people counting and space utilisation easy and profitable for all.

We provide ongoing consultation services so you can make the most sense from the data provided. We also provide on-going hardware support with continuous system checks to ensure the sensors and hardware are operational and working as intended.

Our Process

We make sure we understand your objectives and work together as a team to ensure success.

Step 1: Discover

We meet with you and hold discovery sessions to see what operational challenges you are facing and establish if we are a good fit for your business.

Step 2: Tailored

Once we have the required information, we work with you in building a bespoke solution that will provide the insights & visibility your business needs to drive significant value.

Step 3: Project Planning

Upon your approval, the project will be handed to our project team to create an installation plan and manage the solution deployment and implementation of the solution.

Step 4: Delivery

After we commission, you receive a completion report which includes all audit & validation reports of sensor locations to ensure the solution meets the required accuracy parameters.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

We continue the day-to-day management of your needs from a reporting and dashboard perspective, meeting and liaising to ensure you are seeing real value from the solution.

Oberix Group

Not just a normal business

We are a business division of the Oberix Group. The Oberix Group has been helping companies across the globe bring their commercial spaces to life for 28 years. By working collaboratively with clients, partners and subcontractors, the Oberix Group have established a strong position as leading smart building specialists.

We have the unique ability to call upon the expertise and operations of our other specialists business divisions to deliver a complete smart building solutions.

Abakus Analytics Careers

Are you passionate about driving real value for clients?

We are a growing company and are always looking for talented enthusiasts to get on board. The Abakus Analytics family is bound together by our core values: Aspiration, Passion, Results First, and One Team.

If you are interested in working with us, get in touch with us for a chat.

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