People Counting for Commercial

Here to empower you, your team and your business, our solutions provide the analytics and foresight that ensures you generate more from your strategies and budgets.

Accelerate business outcomes with proven people counting strategies

Building occupancy

Optimise building

Measure building, floor, tenant & meeting room occupancy to make the most out of all your spaces. 

Space utilisation

Ensure effective space utilisation

Optimise spaces to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees.

Building space design

Scale up the design of your spaces

Better understand existing space use to promote better future design.

Measure Flow

Enhance user experiences

People counting systems measure the direction of travel to analyse flow into and out of your buildings.

Building efficiency

Improve building

Improve building efficiency with demand driven by population. With people counting insight and understanding you can utilise your budget accordingly to achieve the outstanding business results you are after. 

bicycle counting

Bicycle counting to enhance end-of-trip 

People and bicycle counting can play an integral role in driving business decisions that are being made to optimise the flow and movement of people within life-styled focused buildings.

Facial recognition and thermal detection

Access control via facial recognition

Add facial recognition when people enter your spaces for additional level of identification to limit the risk of unauthorised personnel entering restricted spaces.

Gain more visibility and insight into your buildings performance

Contact us to uncover opportunities that drive tangible results.

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