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Get to know your spaces and your customers

Abakus Analytics gives you the tools to gain new levels of insight to make data-driven decisions with precise people counting

Store Occupancy Display

Need help monitoring store occupancy?

The Abakus Analytics store occupancy solution provides you with the tools to keep your customers, employees and visitors safe

At Abakus, we believe real data and metrics should transform the way you work, so you can be more informed, empowered and connected through every interaction and in every relationship you serve.

Understand movements

Consolidate, manage and monitor all movement and measurement information in one place so you have the right insights on hand to ensure you make the right decisions.

Priorities strategies

Confidently decide what steps you need to take next that converts more customers and drives more sales.

Create engaging spaces

Drive your business forward with strategies that best address user needs and makes use of your spaces in the most optimal way. 

People Counting Solutions Specialists

People counting solutions that drives value

People play the most important role for all businesses and organisations. Knowing and understanding how people use your space is key to your bottom line.

With all of the right information in one place, your team will be equipped with the tools to drive marketing, sales and customer services that optimise productivity, efficiency and revenue.

People Counting Solutions

Give your team the insight to drive strategic decisions that lead to measureable results, from planning front-line activities to setting overall strategy.

One platform to view it all

Get the data you need to uncover trends and actionable insight to inform day-to-day and overall strategy.

Increase visibility and improve responsiveness

Collect valuable people counting data and visualise all in one rich dashboard that simplifies complex data to see how many people are using your space.

People Counting Reporting

Make data-driven decisions

Uncover trends and actionable insights from your people counting and space data to inform sales, operations and marketing strategy.

People Counting Analytics

Boost efficiency

Plan and manage strategies that will create heightened experiences that maximises opportunities and conversions and overall performance.

People Counting Insights

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Abakus Analytics stood out as a solution provider because of their people counting knowledge, experience and customer engagement. Since we’ve implemented the Abakus Analytics solution, we can now achieve 95% people counting accuracy.
Ling Qian | Department of Transport

Our Clients

We work with a range of clients from all industries to get real results for their businesses. 

2020 Australian Open

Tennis Australia

Measured and managed the population and flow of patrons to allow client to manage site attendance & issue additional tickets to maximise returns.


City of Sydney

Measured pedestrian flow and utilisation throughout the City of Sydney, with all data provided through the Abakus Analytics people counting platform.



Collaborated with client to interpret traffic, sales conversion and capture rate data. Introduced new metrics such as wait times for changeroom in the POS Queue.

Understand your customers with people counting data

Contact us to discover how easy it is to implement a people counting solution for your business.

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