Pedestrian Counting

Optimise outdoor spaces by tapping into how individuals use your public spaces.

Take the guesswork out of your public spaces

Better understand pedestrian activity with pedestrian counting tools.

Track Real-Time Information

Optimise strategic planning and engagement strategies with valuable data and reporting.

Understand your

Explore and analyse ways to better engage with those who use your space, their movement and preferences.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Equip yourself with the information to identify improvement areas and generate new opportunities.

Pedestrian Counting Dashboard

Connect and engage

Don't miss out on opportunities to maximise area utilisation and opportunities to keep people engaged. Better engage with people with pedestrian counting. Tap into people movements at a public scale to uncover business-critical insights about your users, industry and how to get ahead of your competitors.

Measure sales and content and campaign performance across your public spaces to gain a clear picture of what’s resonating with people, and what spacial areas could be improved.

Pedestrian Counting

Transformative decision making

Gain a competitive advantage from pedestrian counting in outdoor public spaces (such as streets, intersections or parks) and measuring how people use the space. This includes understanding usage and peak usage times, if a space is utilised well or under-utilised, pre and post development usage metrics, measuring event success.

Pedestrian counting data helps drive decisions around:
• Infrastructure & resource planning
• Pedestrian & public safety
• Event planning
• Space leasing

Count people in public spaces, measure usage and peak usage times

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