People Counting

Drive more sales by informing your business strategies with precise people counting data. All from one platform.

Extract real value out of your spaces using people counting

Engage with your customers by better understanding their patterns and behaviours.

Visitor Frequency

Accurately track the number of visitors entering/exiting your spaces to improve responsiveness and boost efficiency.

Space Utilisation

Understand space usage to improve space allocation and reduce costs by releasing extra available space.

Space Occupancy

Measure population density so you can better allocate business resources such as customer service & security.

People Flow

Equip yourself with the insight to manage crowds efficiently and visualise future trends.

Dwell Time

Optimise your store layout with a better understanding of which departments and products attract more customers.

Visitor Tracking

Improve access, building security and employee safety with enhanced visibility. 

People Counting Metrics

Gain more insights into your customers & sales

Without an accurate understanding of how many people are using your spaces, it's difficult to measure the true performance of your building, store, staff, and sales & marketing strategies.

Utilise visitor traffic and sales conversion metrics to measure your store’s ability to drive people in and convert them into customers. By understanding the number of shoppers entering your store and which areas they frequent the most, you are better equipped to optimise your spaces and business activities to ensure you grab customer’s attention and drive future sales.

People Counting Enhance Customer Experiences

Enhance customer experiences

Create stronger relationships by properly engaging with your customers using people counting data to transform the way you work.

Equip yourself with the right information to capture's peoples attention and convert them into customers. Using data from your people counting dashboard in your omnichannel strategies, you’ll be able to optimise your assets and spaces to watch your sales metric improve steadily over time. 

People Counting Conversion Rate

Drive more sales by optimising conversion rate

Know exactly how many people are using your spaces. Accurately measure all visitor counts into and out of your spaces so you can improve customer service and maximise conversion rates and sales opportunities.

People counting can arm you with the information and insight to formulate a winning omni-channel strategy. The traffic data collected is combined with POS, roster and other data types to provide contextual analysis from which actionable insights can be derived.

Everything you need to track, understand, engage and convert more customers

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