People Counting for Retail

We provide retailers with live occupancy metrics and ensure your stores comply with COVID regulations, keeping your staff and visitors safe. 

Manage store occupancy and take the guesswork out of improving your retail performance

Consumer priorities and the entire retail landscape has shifted. Our goal is to help you adapt your operations and messaging accordingly so you can continue purposeful & quality engagement with your customers.

Sales Conversion

Maximise Sales Conversion

Accurate people counting information improves your store performance by allowing you to maximise your sales conversion.

We provide highly accurate people counting technology to maximise revenue from your retail traffic. Learn how to add value to your sales, knowing what is the busiest time of your store, understanding key areas of performance and  improving rosters to make sure you have enough staff members to meet customers demand.


Optimise your Rostering Schedule

It is now more important than ever to ensure that you balance your staff hours with customer demand. Too many staff result in wasted budget, too few staff could see missed sales opportunities and aggravated customers.

Optimise your staff and rostering schedule through understanding actual peak shopping times and customer patterns during covid times. Ensure you are efficiently speding your budget.

Marketing impact

Measure Marketing & Events Impact

Want to know how your marketing affects your sales? Easy, with our reports you can customize days and events and keep track of how successful an event was. Take advantage of our accurate data to create new events, with unlimited reports you can compare your last year's events with today’s event to get deeper insights into sales opportunities.

With live metrics on current strategies to get deeper insights into sales opportunities.

Display success

Measure Display Effectiveness

Have you changed your window display lately? Want to know how effective it is, which areas are most interactive and capture attention? We can help. By accurately measuring the number of people passing by your window display and how many people actually enter your store, we can determine how successful your visual display is.

By understanding the effectiveness of your in-store visual displays & window displays, you can identify opportunities to boost campaign performance. 

Social distancing

Ensure Customer & Staff Safety

Protect customers & staff safely by ensuring people are adhering to social distancing regulations. With a precise measurement of store occupancy we can display in real time how many people are still allowed to come inside of the store, and if the store is at maximum capacity you can let them know through visible screen display. Staff can view all the store occupancy information on a tablet and visitors can view occupancy levels on a screen.
Improve the use of space and make sure your store is at maximum capacity and complying with covid regulations.

Gain more visibility and insight into your retail stores occupancy levels and performance

Contact us to maximise sales conversion and ensure visitor safety.

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