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People Counting

People Counting

Know how many people are using your spaces. Accurately measure all visitor counts into and out of your spaces so you can improve customer service and maximise conversion rates and sales opportunities.

Pedestrian Counting

Pedestrian Counting

Measure pedestrian traffic and activity. Optimise strategic planning and management priorities.

Space Occupancy Management

Occupancy Management

Understand the density of your spaces. Measure, manage and monitor space occupancy and density to better equip your team to better allocate resources, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Body Temperature Measurement

Body Temperature Measurement

Safeguard your spaces. Detect human temperature in individuals to mitigate the risk of individuals entering with fever due to COVID-19 or other illnesses.

Queue Management

Queue Management

Improve waiting times and staff efficiency. Gather real-time data about service, wait time and customers to streamline wait times, keep customers engaged and optimise staff productivity.

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